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The Long Journey Home does not allow the player to use any Cheats in standard mode. However, it is possible to add a launch option (command line argument) during the startup of the game to enable a cheat menu.

Launch TLJH in cheat mode[edit | edit source]

Add -tljh_carebear_me to the command.

GOG version[edit | edit source]

In the GOG Galaxy client right-click The Long Journey Home and go to Settings>Configure Game>Custom settings. Check "Add command line arguments" and add -tljh_carebear_me

Steam version[edit | edit source]

Right-click the game in the library of the Steam client application and go to Properties>General. Click on "Set launch options...", type -tljh_carebear_me and confirm.

From now on, cheats will be activated in the game.

Keyboard keys[edit | edit source]

Key Action
D Shows how the galaxy is generated by the game (galaxy view only)
H Hides the user interface
Alt + X Opens the cheat menu
F5 Quicksave
F9 Quickload

Cheat menu[edit | edit source]

The cheat menu can be opened by pressing Alt+X at all times during the journey. It is split in up to 13 sub-categories. A few categories are hidden in the galaxy view. While some cheats are classical cheats, others change the basic mechanics of the game and should be handled with great care.

Cheats[edit | edit source]

Command Effect
++ Hull Complete hull repair for the ship
++ Fuel Complete refuel for the ship
++ EM Refills all EM tanks
++ Lander Adds a new lander, if the old one was destroyed
++ Credits Adds 100Credits.png
-- Hull Ship Damages the ship hull a little bit
-- Fuel Ship Removes a bit of ship fuel
-- EM Removes 1 EM container
-- Fuel Lander Removes a bit of lander fuel
-- Hull Lander Damages the lander hull a little bit
-- Dmg Ship Module Damages/destroys a ship module
-- Dmg Lander Module Damages/destroys a lander module
Repair defects Repairs all defects of both lander and ship modules except of weapons
++ Weapon Dmg
ALL Services (in conversations only) adds all services to the conversation
BOOM! (during encounters only) destroys the alien ship
Hurt Randomly injures a selected crew member

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

All items are shown and can be searched and added to the ship inventory with just one click. The list includes items, that cannot be acquired during normal gameplay, and all conversation topics, the player can learn about in conversations with aliens.

Quests[edit | edit source]

All quests, that are possibly available in the seed are displayed. They are grouped in active quests, welcome quests and by the alien races initiating the quest. Active quests can be aborted by clicking on them. Inactive quests can be started by clicking on them, or typing their names into the console and pressing start. After a quick loading screen the quest will be active.

Elements[edit | edit source]

All resources are shown. When clicking on an icon, one resource container is added to the ship's cargo.

Devices[edit | edit source]

All modules are displayed and grouped in lander, ship, weapon, and shield devices. By clicking on a device it is added to the ship/lander. When clicking again, the module is damaged and with one more click it is destroyed again. The game will use the weapon/shield, that was installed first during fights, if multiple weapons/shields are present.

Traffic[edit | edit source]

The Traffic menu shows the traffic level of each star system as defined by the seed. The value is typically between 0 and 5. The traffic value is shown per alien race and indicates the probability of aliens jumping into the star system. It can be changed individually. Additionally, every space ship in the game can be spawned by clicking on its name.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Locations displays a list of all biotopes, ruins, wrecks, and other special locations of the current sector. Clicking on "Show ALL Quest Infos" displays all quest targets of the active quests on the galaxy map. It includes the spawn locations of the %$^£ and the positions of all wanted criminals. There is no undo!

Aliens[edit | edit source]

The standings of all aliens are displayed in numeric values and can be changed. Next to it the big diplomacy matrix shows the relationship of all alien races among each other.

Jumprange[edit | edit source]

The jump range can be set to unlimited. The quick jump home to Sol is now possible (but also destroys the idea of the whole game, if we're honest.) While the jump range is set to unlimited, all gates and star ports are indicated on the galaxy map.

God Mode[edit | edit source]

When active, all crew members are invincible, as well as the lander and the ship. No fuel is consumed. This is the only save way of traveling through a black hole.

Intercept[edit | edit source]

The ability of other ships to intercept the player can be turned off.

Reset Achievements[edit | edit source]

Removes all achievements. Don't use this, if you are proud of what you have achieved so far!

Grant Achievements[edit | edit source]