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Welcome to The Long Journey Home Wiki
Welcome to the The Long Journey Home Wiki
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About The Journey

From the bridge of your ship, you see a million points of light. Only one of them matters. Home.

It was only supposed to be a short trip. But when your jump drive malfunctions, you and a mismatched crew of specialists along for the ride find yourselves trapped and alone on the wrong side of the galaxy. The only way back is through. Forge alliances with strange Alien Races. Explore distant Planets for the Ruins, Artifacts and Resources they hide. Harness your crew’s Skills, from archeology to diplomacy. Make deals and moral decisions that change the universe. Do whatever it takes to survive.

And every game, enter a new galaxy. Will you find yourself welcomed by Traders and noble warrior knights... or surrounded by Pirates, psychopaths, and an unspeakable cosmic horror that threatens to snuff out the stars themselves. One destination. Endless adventures. Where will your Journey take you?

The Long Journey Home was released 30 May, 2017 for PC (14 November, 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One and 4 September, 2019 for Nintendo Switch) and focuses on a procedurally generated, endless surprising living universe inspired by beloved modern science fiction shows like Farscape and Firefly available on Steam and GOG...
Game Features
Endless Space
Explore a living, procedurally generated Galaxy inspired by both classic and modern Science Fiction. Meet different Aliens. Find different Stories. Take different risks. Learn the secrets of the universe and with them, new possibilities.
Hidden stories
Raid Alien tombs full of traps and Treasure. Compete in the galaxy’s greatest combat tournament. Find and research strange artifacts, and use your crew’s skills to find out whether that old skull is just a piece of bone, or the Holy Grail of an aggressive new species.
A Crew worth leading
Choose four out of ten experts, all with personality as well as specialties. Far from just stats, you’ll come to know them as they share their feelings, their fears, their excitement and their concerns on the trip and your decisions. Learn how best to use their skills to help the others... and who might be willing to sacrifice themselves to get the others back Home.
Preserve your Ship
Your ship wasn't built for this. Find new modules to upgrade it, and replenish your stores by mining resources
Can you make it back home?
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